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• जवाबी कार्रवाई
counter:    काउंटर काउन्टर
action:    युद्ध अभियोग रचना
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  1. We gave them a little counter action and we hit it pretty big,
  2. Buildings at this location are frequently threatened by military occupation and counter actions of inhabitants.
  3. On February 12, 2004, Kotulski and McKay did their fourth annual marriage license counter action.
  4. Poston opted to grieve the fine that Kraft decided to take his counter action . ..
  5. Often, it's necessary to counter actions the other party takes to undermine your voice or credibility.
  6. The Israeli step is counter action, or retribution.
  7. It was not enough, he said, to deny the allegations; a concrete counter action was needed.
  8. Counterpropaganda merely intends to influence a counter action or thought to a previously broadcast propaganda message or messages.
  9. Brook said that in 25 years as an FTC attorney he had never been named in such a counter action.
  10. "We put on a big show of force, " he said, " to show we take counter actions immediately ."
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