count against meaning in Hindi

count against sentence in Hindi
ध्यान देना
count:    यूरोपिय देशों में
against:    के खिलाफ के खिलाफ़
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  1. Hartzenberg immediately dropped six counts against Basson because they took place abroad.
  2. He eventually pleaded guilty to one of the 54 counts against him.
  3. He noted that there were 66 counts against the former Yugoslav leader.
  4. Earlier this month, the judge threw out a manslaughter count against Limmer.
  5. Abreu was also acquitted on 7 of the 28 counts against him.
  6. Guscott warned the tough preparation may actually count against them on Saturday.
  7. Abuse of the IRS was one of the impeachment counts against Nixon.
  8. Many of the counts against Cisneros cannot be brought after five years.
  9. The counts against Stewart include charges of conspiracy and lying to investigators.
  10. _Feb . 27 : Judge throws out securities fraud count against Stewart.
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