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सहसंबंध विश्लेषण
सहसंबंध विश्‍लेषण
correlation:    सहसंबंध सहसंबंध
analysis:    विश्लेषण
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  1. PCA is also related to canonical correlation analysis ( CCA ).
  2. The former include spectral analysis and wavelet analysis; the latter include auto-correlation and cross-correlation analysis.
  3. The measured signals or spectra will show systematic variations that are processed with 2D correlation analysis for interpretation.
  4. "' Two dimensional correlation analysis "'is a mathematical technique that is used to study changes in measured signals.
  5. The four statistics, library visits, circulation, program attendance, and public internet computer uses, were chosen based on correlation analysis.
  6. The static nature of the correlation analysis could justify the grammar teacher in laying little emphasis on the conclusions drawn.
  7. The users can also conduct survival analysis, analyze rates and proportions, perform regression and correlation analysis and calculate power and sample size.
  8. Which is related, as it usually relies on correlation analysis, so you need to identify a fair number of people who are resistant.
  9. When neither variable can be regarded as dependent on the other, regression is not appropriate but some form of correlation analysis may be.
  10. This ensures that subsequent user errors cannot inadvertently perform meaningless analyses ( for example correlation analysis with a variable on a nominal level ).
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