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• कायिक
• मूर्त
• भौतिक
• शारीरिक
• जिस्मानी
• दैहिक
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  1. A corporeal image of the body functions on two levels here.
  2. Rex Mundi encompassed all that was corporeal, chaotic and powerful.
  3. Gargoyle and Moondragon were later able to gain new corporeal forms.
  4. Corporeal or not, Mavis is still one busy lady.
  5. He tried to demonstrate the universality of human appetites for corporeal pleasures.
  6. They were non-corporeal, but nonetheless very powerful.
  7. However, Kabbalah repeatedly stresses the need to avoid all corporeal interpretation.
  8. However, he is forbidden human contact and has no corporeal body.
  9. He definitely enjoys corporeal punishment and canes the students often.
  10. The Answer later telepathically contacts Doctor Octopus who restores his corporeal existence.
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  1. having material or physical form or substance; "that which is created is of necessity corporeal and visible and tangible" - Benjamin Jowett
  1. affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit; "bodily needs"; "a corporal defect"; "corporeal suffering"; "a somatic symptom or somatic illness"
    synonyms:bodily, corporal, somatic

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