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  1. Additionally, the patient is kept on a cooling blanket for a period of time to prevent fever, which could cause brain damage.
  2. The Food and Drug Administration also has reported several cases of external cooling blankets causing significant burns to the skin of person.
  3. Once the patient is stabilized in the hospital, reduced body temperature can be maintained by more traditional methods, such as ice packs or cooling blankets.
  4. Cooling blankets, kept at five degrees Centigrade or just above freezing, are wrapped around the patient to cool the body temperature to 90 or 91 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Based on preclinical studies in adult sheep, it was shown that independent of region, brain cooling was faster during NP-perfluorochemical versus conventional whole body cooling with cooling blankets.
  6. Common complications involved inability to regulate temperature which is treated with heating and cooling blankets, as well as failure of the endocrine system which is important in maintaining a stable fetal environment.

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