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  1. The water acts as neutron moderator, cooling agent and radiation shield.
  2. The Radioactive primary cooling agent discharged for a short time into the annular space.
  3. These sulfates tend to act as a cooling agent by reflecting the sun's radiation.
  4. Tofu is considered a cooling agent in traditional Chinese medicine.
  5. The oil will act as an electrical insulation and a cooling agent for the cables.
  6. Motor oil may also serve as a cooling agent.
  7. It was first isolated in water-oil emulsions used as lubricants and cooling agents for cutting metals.
  8. The blast likely was caused by faulty cylinders containing the refrigeration cooling agent Freon, officials said.
  9. The controversial reactor was shut down manually late Friday when a cooling agent leaked from a pipe.
  10. It is believed that Tesla had intended that Linde's machine would be used to attain the cooling agents.

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