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  1. Even the coolheaded coach Dusan Uhrin partied until 4 a . m.
  2. We must keep coolheaded and think about our problems.
  3. It capitalizes on America's current fascination with forensics and coolheaded detectives.
  4. The civilian bosses are supposed to provide coolheaded restraint.
  5. Crews portrays coolheaded movie soundman Big T, a critical role the actor commands.
  6. But " Solaris " is too coolheaded to make a big fuss over such imagery.
  7. His playbook scholarship could be matched by any studious quarterback; his gift for coolheaded improvisation could not.
  8. I want to say to you : I wish you a good trip and hope you are coolheaded and calm,
  9. Australian athletes have a standard of coolheaded, controlled fighting spirit that has accounted for more major championships than any other nation.
  10. Her playing may be less mercurial, more coolheaded than Schnabel's, but she makes the music seem more astonishing than ever.
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