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  1. Major structural and control analysis is also carried out in this phase.
  2. All kinds of quality control analysis methods are used, including titrations because they are fairly easy and cheap to perform.
  3. The tests will be carried out at the nationally accredited laboratory of Chatenay-Malabry, which handled doping control analysis during the championships.
  4. From July 1996 until December 1999, he was with the Guidance and Control Analysis Group of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology.
  5. The 1960s and 1970s saw the development of several approaches to study complex molecular systems, such as the metabolic control analysis and the biochemical systems theory.
  6. Such explorations are most informative when accompanied by empirical measurements of the system under study following actual perturbations, as is the case in metabolic control analysis.
  7. According to Cornish-Bowden ( 2007 ) they " regarded this as a general theory of metabolic control, which includes both metabolic control analysis and flux-oriented theory as special cases ".
  8. The theory is very similar to metabolic control analysis and has been very successfully and extensively used to study the properties of different feedback and other regulatory structures in cellular networks.
  9. Adenosine diphosphate ( ADP ) is a subgroup that remains unchanged when it is Moiety-conserved cycles in nature exhibit unique network control features which can be elucidated using techniques such as metabolic control analysis.
  10. The elasticity coefficient is an integral part of metabolic control analysis and was introduced in the early 1970s and possibly earlier by Henrik Kacser and Burns in Edinburgh and Heinrich and Rapoport in Berlin.
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