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  1. "Forget the gradual, " he says contritely.
  2. Mine : ( contritely ) I couldn't see you.
  3. I said, shaking my head, ever the more contritely.
  4. Nicola responded contritely to the harsh rejection of his complaints and suggestions.
  5. He contritely took the blame for his misdeeds.
  6. Annan has expressed his regret over Rwanda in the past, but rarely so contritely.
  7. Jihei contritely admits his fault and announces that any relationship between him and Koharu is over.
  8. A city that he contritely admits he and his self-indulgent, underdisciplined Bills teammates betrayed.
  9. "I didn't know how I could kill him off, " he says contritely.
  10. Moments later, in an emotionally ambiguous encounter, Scott spat at Ms . Wanstall, then contritely gave her flowers.
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