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संपर्क वियोजक
contact:    मिलन रोग
breaker:    पीपा भंजक
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  1. The distributor shaft has a cam that operates the contact breaker.
  2. This model had triple contact breaker points making timing adjustment complex.
  3. The ignition firing sequence begins with the points ( or contact breaker ) closed.
  4. They also make modules for vehicles with two or more sets of contact breakers.
  5. When the piston was at the right point, the contact breaker opened, breaking the battery current.
  6. This was a simple iron-core inductor, used with a battery and a switch called a contact breaker.
  7. The engine operates contact breaker points, which interrupt the current to an induction coil ( known as the ignition coil ).
  8. Early models used a 6 V electrical system with contact breaker / condenser ignition, whereas later models used a 12 V system.
  9. When the contact breaker closes, it allows a current from the battery to build up in the primary winding of the ignition coil.
  10. When the contact breaker opens the circuit, the magnetic field collapses, causing a high electric voltage in the primary and secondary coils.
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