contact aureole meaning in Hindi

contact aureole sentence in Hindi

contact:    मिलन रोग
aureole:    प्रभामंडल
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  1. It was named after a contact aureole of a diabase intrusive plug.
  2. It occurs in high temperature regional metamorphic rocks and in the skarns within contact aureoles around igneous intrusions.
  3. A contact aureole of 2.5 km thickness surrounds the batholith in the form of albite epidote hornfels.
  4. The BLIP intrusions could have released perhaps of carbon from the contact aureoles which could have triggered the Aptian oceanic anoxic event ( OAE1a ) at 120 Ma.
  5. In contact metamorphism ( metamorphism caused by high temperatures at low pressure in the vicinity of an igneous intrusion ) a local contact aureole of zones is formed around a heat source.

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