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कृत्रिम भाषा
रचित भाषा
constructed:    निर्मित
language:    बोली भाषा शब्द
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  1. Cameron Cartio's entry in Melodifestivalen 2005 was performed in a constructed language.
  2. Consequently these authors did not consider their projects constructed languages at all.
  3. There are several crucial differences between Lojban and Loglan, two constructed languages.
  4. "' Bolak "'is a constructed language that was invented by L�on Bollack.
  5. His name means " sharp glance " in Tolkien's constructed language Sindarin.
  6. Vander invented a constructed language, Koba�an, in which most lyrics are sung.
  7. The constructed language movement produced such languages as auxiliary language Interlingua.
  8. He was also the author of a constructed language called " Barmoodan ".
  9. Such a degree of details was unprecedented among constructed languages of the time.
  10. But in the medium term enthusiasm for this kind of constructed language declined.
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