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  1. See the main article on constitutive relations for a fuller description.
  2. Moore sees it as constitutive of the endless accumulation of capital.
  3. Institutions are therefore constitutive of actors as well as vice versa.
  4. Constitutive session of the new parliament was held on 3 June.
  5. The Look is then co-constitutive of one's facticity.
  6. Fluorite also gave the name to its constitutive element fluorine.
  7. It is not repetitive and shares the compact structure of constitutive heterochromatin.
  8. In December 1994, the CPDS held its Constitutive Congress in Bata.
  9. Then there was the Constitutive Act of the African Union.
  10. The regions that stain darker are regions of constitutive heterochromatin.


  1. constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)
    synonyms:, ,

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