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  1. What about authorities that are just constipated part of the time?
  2. Sigmoid volvulus is particularly common in elderly persons and constipated patients.
  3. It may help treat diarrhoea due to its constipating effect ..
  4. Asked what was wrong, White informed Stautner that he was constipated.
  5. The idea of injecting Suzanne into the constipated Washington scene has possibilities.
  6. It constipates the rail lines and makes the interior that much cheaper.
  7. Is former White House chief of staff Leon Panetta constipated?
  8. _A laxative like Metamucil, because many prescription medicines are constipating.
  9. I always look like a constipated lesbian for some reason.
  10. Nkosi was constipated, the reflexologist said, not dying of AIDS.
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