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अचर कोणांक
constant:    अचलराशि नियत
amplitude:    अधिकता आयाम
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  1. Grids are designed to supply voltages at largely constant amplitudes.
  2. Vack�Y analyzes the circuit and explains how to get an approximately constant amplitude response.
  3. The PM envelope ) is constant amplitude.
  4. A single FM signal is constant amplitude, so it can saturate a transponder without distortion.
  5. In a homogeneous wave, the surfaces of constant phase are also surfaces of constant amplitude.
  6. The control system has to steer the antenna such that a constant amplitude return is received from the target.
  7. The tide heights are expected to follow the tidal force, with a constant amplitude and phase delay for each component.
  8. AFL produces characteristic saw-toothed F-waves of constant amplitude and frequency on an ECG whereas AF does not.
  9. For signals with a nearly constant amplitude the echo threshold can be enhanced up to time differences of 1 to 2 seconds.
  10. A pendulum swinging in a vacuum without friction, at a constant amplitude free of external disturbances, theoretically keeps perfect time.
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