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एक समान त्वरण
एकसमान त्वरण
constant:    अचलराशि नियत
acceleration:    तेज़ी त्वरण
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  1. A major limiting factor for constant acceleration drives is having enough fuel.
  2. A way to do this is space travel using constant acceleration.
  3. He found that a falling body had a constant acceleration.
  4. However, the instantaneous velocity profile isn't necessarily sinusoidal, that's only true under constant acceleration.
  5. A frame of reference under constant acceleration is sometimes described as in hyperbolic motion.
  6. You have four facts : a distance, a time, constant acceleration, and rotation without slipping.
  7. The spacecraft of George O . Smith's Venus Equilateral stories are all constant acceleration ships.
  8. I've seen the equations of motion for constant acceleration derived using both definite and indefinite integration.
  9. Besides these, there are facilities for conducting Vibration, Shock, Constant Acceleration and Thermal / humidity tests.
  10. This is interestingly related ( Space travel using constant acceleration ) not sure about the case here.
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