consign meaning in Hindi

[ kən'sain ] sound:
consign sentence in Hindi
• हवाले कर देना

• परेषण
• परेषित करना
• माल भेजना
• जला देना
• के हवाले कर देना
• सुपुर्द करना
• सौंप देना
• दूसरे को भेजना
• बिलकुल भुला देना
• राख कर डालना
• हवाले कर देना
• देना
• भेजना
• सौंपना
• अर्पण करना
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  1. Whatever divided us before, let us consign to the past.
  2. White agreed to consign almost 300 items to Guernsey's.
  3. The result consigns Carlisle United to relegation to the third division.
  4. Question : " Not to consign them for sale ?"
  5. All we do is consign them to staying in the same circumstances.
  6. To the ideological layer, I'd consign Buchanan and Forbes.
  7. You don't mean to consign your career to complete oblivion.
  8. Whatever divided us before let us consign to the past.
  9. Zhirek takes Simmu away and tries to consign him to everlasting torment.
  10. The very act of earning more threatens to consign them to doing worse.
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  1. give over to another for care or safekeeping; "consign your baggage"
  2. commit forever; commit irrevocably
  3. send to an address

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