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  1. The author of 2 Maccabees has confessedly exercised much freedom.
  2. Confessedly a member of the Young Communists.
  3. After retiring, Wright worked in sales for around two years  self-confessedly without great success.
  4. By those years she self-confessedly became a conspicuous member of the avant la lettre European gauche caviar.
  5. She apologised several times since the emergence of the scandal in the 80s that directly linked her council tenure with what she confessedly admitted was a " shameful disgrace ".
  6. But where, I would ask, is there any considerable trade that is confessedly under-stocked, and where high profits have been long pleading in vain for additional capital?
  7. "The Federal Government, which makes the donation, has confessedly no constitutional power to follow it into the States and enforce the application of the fund to the intended objects.
  8. Many poems, of Mesnevi of Mevlana and the Divan of A _ 1k Pa _ ha examples of confessedly religious, moral, or mystic but a much larger number are allegorical.
  9. Three humble voters confessedly backed by more powerful people, lodged an election petition against the new member on the ground that he and his agents had been guilty of bribery and corruption.
  10. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla . _ It's with a graceful ( but confessedly unconscious ) nod to another Nigerian author that 25-year-old Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie begins her first novel:
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  1. as acknowledged; "true, she is the smartest in her class"
    synonyms:, , , , ,
  2. as acknowledged; "true, she is the smartest in her class"
    synonyms:, , , , ,

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