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  1. With a poet's concision, it explains the place.
  2. That concision is one of the earmarks of an urban legend.
  3. Borg de Balsan is a miracle of concision and emotional understatement.
  4. Concision and force are what matter _ every image and utterance counts.
  5. Visually, the film makes its points with more concision and power.
  6. Ils doivent r�sumer avec concision le contenu de la section.
  7. The headline was a masterpiece of concision : " Dead !"
  8. There s an important difference between concision ( being concise ) and length.
  9. Good questions, asked with agony and concision.
  10. Today it is neo-Classic in concision but neo-Romantic in intensity.


  1. terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words
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