computer aided design meaning in Hindi

computer aided design sentence in Hindi

अभिकलित्र सहाय अभिकल्‍पना
computer:    कंप्यूटर
aided:    सहायता-प्राप्त
design:    भांति अभिकल्पना
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  1. "' CoolSPICE "'is a computer aided design tool for electronic circuit development.
  2. Computer aided design was introduced in the shoe industry in the 1970s.
  3. The geometric design of these systems relies on modern computer aided design software.
  4. Lon Safko founded Civil Consultants, a Computer Aided Design ( CAD ) company.
  5. He was a pioneer in the field of computer aided design.
  6. Drafting can be done by hand, or using a computer aided design package.
  7. These companies supply parts, tools and computer aided design software.
  8. The VDO will be based at the National Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided centre.
  9. Computer Aided Design, experimental fabrication, and the electronics lab can be accessed from this area.
  10. :Sounds like you need a computer aided design program.
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