computer addiction meaning in Hindi

computer addiction sentence in Hindi

कंप्यूटर व्यसन
computer:    कंप्यूटर
addiction:    लत व्यसन बुरी आदत
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  1. The last thing I need is a form of computer addiction eating up my precious time.
  2. She has passed through the valley of bad TV and computer addiction and chosen a world of adventure.
  3. Dr . Maressa Orzack's research included various forms of computer addiction, including computer game addiction.
  4. In Boston, McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital affiliated with Harvard, opened a computer addiction clinic in August.
  5. The term was also used by M . Shotton in 1989 in her book " Computer Addiction ".
  6. She compared computer addiction to other forms of addiction, such as gambling and alcohol addiction, and eating disorders.
  7. The term offline computer addiction is normally used when speaking about excessive gaming behavior, which can be practiced both offline and online.
  8. Computer addiction was used as an effective defence by one of the defendants in the Eight Legged Groove Machine hacking trial in the 1993.
  9. Orzack, who is coordinator of the Computer Addiction Service at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass ., says Pokemon leads kids to addictive behaviors.
  10. Each individual situation is different and therefore there is no set number of hours that is ( or is not ) considered a potential for computer addiction.
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