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अभिकलित मान
value:    अहमियत मान्यताएँ
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  1. This is to keep all the computed values positive.
  2. The new systems will " jointly deliver exceptional computing value for home-office and education consumers,"
  3. The second way leaves a computed value on the data stack, duplicating it as needed.
  4. Such expressions seem conceptually as having a computed value flowing from left to the right.
  5. It does not " compute " any of these coordinates-it simply returns constant pre-computed values.
  6. In general, when computing values of the gamma function, we must settle for numerical approximations.
  7. The data is highly dispersed; computed values, in particular, are far removed from all experimental values.
  8. The resulting code would load the computed value and store it rather than loading and multiplying several values.
  9. Note that the computed value is probably better described as " optimistic " rather than " optimal ".
  10. Babbage began in 1822 with what he called the difference engine, made to compute values of polynomial functions.
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