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  1. Then afternoon comes, and the compass dial really starts to spin.
  2. The degree system spaces 360 equidistant points located clockwise around the compass dial.
  3. The military forces of a few nations, notably the United States Army, continue to issue field compasses with magnetized compass dials or cards instead of needles.
  4. The compass dial will tend to align itself with the geomagnetic field and dip toward the northern magnetic pole when in the northern hemisphere, or toward the southern magnetic pole when in the southern hemisphere.
  5. The orienting lines in the base of the compass dial are then rotated to align with actual or true north by aligning them with a marked line of longitude ( or the vertical margin of the map ), ignoring the compass needle entirely.
  6. This is an approximation of a milli-radian ( 6283 per circle ), in which the compass dial is spaced into 6400 units or " mils " for additional precision when measuring angles, laying artillery, etc . The value to the military is that one angular mil subtends approximately one metre at a distance of one kilometer.

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