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परंपरागत आयुध आयोग
commission:    विचारण बनाने का
for:    क्योंकि के लिए के
conventional:    परंपरागत पारंपरिक
armaments:    शस्त्रीकरण युद्ध
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  1. "' United Nations Security Council Resolution 97 "', adopted on January 30, 1952, dissolved the Commission for Conventional Armaments.
  2. "' United Nations conventional armaments and armed forces, the Council decided to transmit the resolution to the Commission for Conventional Armaments for further study in accordance with the Commission s plan of work.
  3. "' United Nations Security Council Resolution 68 "', adopted on February 10, 1949, resolved that the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 192 be transmitted to the Commission for Conventional Armaments for action according to its terms.
  4. During this seminal period he worked on the establishment and development of the International Atomic Energy Commission, weapons disarmament in the UN Commission for Conventional Armaments, the establishment on behalf of Australia of the US-Australia Air Transportation Agreement under which Australia was granted the air routes which Qantas now enjoys to North America, the deliberations on the formation of the State of Israel and the UN Commission on Human Rights, chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the United States president, Franklin D Roosevelt.

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