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  1. He entered the grain commission business in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1891.
  2. For the next twenty years, Sloo worked in the commission business.
  3. In business he was a clerk in the commission business from 1858 to 1862.
  4. UBS executives said commission business will remain under pressure because of ever greater competition.
  5. After the war, Kirkland settled in Savannah, Georgia, where he worked in the commission business.
  6. The biggest increase in the fee and commission business came from the securities and investment side.
  7. He was interested in the coal commission business and slate quarrying in 1868 at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
  8. He then moved to Chicago to engage in the commission business on the Chicago Board of Trade.
  9. After spending a year in Pittsburgh he moved to Toronto where he established a wholesale fruit and commission business.
  10. The Big Bang is likely to mean that " any sort of pure-commission business will disappear, " he said.

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