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  1. On neither of these counts " Raja Natwarlal " comes up trumps ".
  2. It is Wilson who comes up trumps by suggesting that they have a ram as well.
  3. While National Australia Bank was hit hard yesterday, " it's coming up trumps today, " he said.
  4. "Either a pairing like that comes up trumps or it's a disaster, " said Korda's coach, Tony Pickard.
  5. His wife Mary produced numerous costumes for the shows and, despite sanctions, always managed to come up trumps.
  6. Do they always come up trumps?
  7. The title character is a blithe, unreliable young man who drinks too much, but who always manages to come up trumps.
  8. But teammate Rivaldo and Germany's Miroslav Klose _ tied with Ronaldo with five goals each _ will be hoping they come up trumps.
  9. Many ideas are suggested, but Pike comes up trumps by suggesting that they carry the barrels to the tank, and fill them up from there.
  10. Chasing a modest total of 157, the Jamaicans were dismissed for 128 with legspinner Mahendra Nagamootoo, a thorn in the Jamaicans'side, again coming up trumps.
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