come a cropper meaning in Hindi

come a cropper sentence in Hindi
बर्बाद होना
औंधे मुँह गिरना
come:    आकर दिमाग में आना
a:    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
cropper:    असफलता कबूतर
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  1. One day ( the Internet boom ) is going to come a cropper,
  2. There are signs that Robert Landers'living-a-dream lifestyle might come a cropper after this year.
  3. "No to a single currency _ it will come a cropper, " she said.
  4. Prices probably tank, and the industry's investment comes a cropper.
  5. Even Harris'prose comes a cropper as the overwrought plot progresses.
  6. Yet the plan could easily come a cropper.
  7. You can't be certain which of the recent crop of major takeovers will come a cropper.
  8. Unless Odyssey comes a cropper, 2003 is expected to be a big year in Mars exploration.
  9. India started off the league with a bang, drubbing Bangladesh and then coming a cropper against Pakistan.
  10. "Now he's in his defining moment, because all the irreconcilables will come a cropper in this budget,"
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