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  1. Separate particle detectors measure the quantum states of each particle and send the resulting signal to a coincidence counter.
  2. In the " typical " two-channel experiment, a coincidence counter only activates if both entangled particles got through their respective polarizers.
  3. This limits coincidence counters to improving the signal to noise ratio to the extent that the quantum behavior can be studied, without removing the noise completely.
  4. A few years ago he proposed a retrocausality experiment ( " The UW Nonlocal Communication Experiment " ) that's just a quantum eraser without the coincidence counter.
  5. The entangled photons, as filtered with the help of the coincidence counter, are simulated in Fig . 5 to give a visual impression of the evidence available from the experiment.
  6. Every experiment to date that has been used to calculate Bell's inequalities, perform a quantum eraser, or conduct any experiment utilizing quantum entanglement as an information channel has only been possible through the use of coincidence counters.
  7. In a two detector system, a coincidence counter alleviates this problem by only recording detection signals that strike both detectors simultaneously ( or more accurately, recording only signals that arrive at both detectors and correlate to the same emission time ).
  8. Jim Rosen studied aerosols with an optical coincidence counter, which was so good it still has not been improved; he was the first to discover thin laminar layers of dust in the stratosphere and to identify the source as volcanic eruptions.
  9. With a coincidence counter, the dancing interference pattern would be stronger at times of increased intensity [ common to both beams ], and that pattern would be stronger than the background noise . ) Almost all of optics had been concerned with first order coherence.
  10. When the intensity of the source is set to be very low, such that only one photon might be detected at any time, accounting for the fact that there might be accidental coincidences, which are statistically independent of time, the coincidence counter should not change with respect to the time difference.

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