coast station meaning in Hindi

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तटी चाँदा
तटीय स्टेशन
coast:    बिना पैर मारे
station:    अधिकार स्टेशन
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  1. WCRW then began identifying itself as " The Gold Coast Station ".
  2. Coast stations can also be reached via mobile telephones where there is service.
  3. A coast station which receives a DSC distress alert will immediately send an acknowledgment.
  4. The Cleveland North Coast station, which is within walking distance to the Amtrak station.
  5. All Coast stations take the same networked programme from Auckland, with Auckland taking local voice-breaks.
  6. Amtrak, the federally subsidized passenger train carrier, also funded renovations at East Coast stations it served.
  7. Search and rescue operations would always be coordinated by the police and not the coast station.
  8. These more complex machines, functionally similar to Amtrak's Quik-Trak, are available at principal West coast stations.
  9. Lightvessels in the river Elbe and a coast station at Cuxhaven commenced a regular radio telegraph service.
  10. These include the Agricultural South station, the Creole Coast station, the North States, and the Western Range.
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