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  1. Co founders of the company are Dr . Shiver and Omar Zenzon.
  2. David Blood is a Managing Partner and co founder of Generation Investment Management.
  3. Among the other co founders was Dundee and later London financier Robert Fleming.
  4. In 1980 he was a co founder of the Taller Experimental Mar�a Izquierdo.
  5. Rowse is co founder of the Third Tribe and founder of Problogger Paid community.
  6. He currently runs the Cleveland Browns UK supporters society along with co founder Samuel Bould.
  7. He also is a co founder of Neither / Neither World and played in Phoenix Thunderstone.
  8. Among the executed was the poet Nikolay Gumilev, co founder of the influential Acmeist movement.
  9. Hari is the co founder of " Cooking for life " which was founded by chef Vikas Khanna.
  10. The group reformed several of times over the years remains active with their guitarist co founder as studio project.

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