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clothes moth sentence in Hindi
clothes:    पहनावा पोशाक
moth:    पतंग पतंगा परवाना
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  1. I was told they are millers, at least not clothes moths.
  2. Like clothes moths, carpet beetles are likewise drawn to proteins, and can be quite destructive.
  3. A few, including the clothes moth, feed on detritus.
  4. Commonly noticed " micros " include the plume moth and the various species of clothes moth.
  5. Heated buildings allow clothes moths to develop year-round.
  6. As acrylic is a synthetic fiber, the larvae of clothes moths are unable to digest it.
  7. Clothes moths are attracted to protein fibres, and so are especially drawn to silk, wool, and feathers.
  8. Whereas many other Tineidae are drawn to light, common clothes moths seem to prefer dim or dark areas.
  9. Clothes moths and carpet beetles are the main pests of animal fibers, such as leather, silk, cashmere and wool.
  10. The most familiar members of the family are the clothes moths, which have adapted to feeding on stored fabrics.
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  1. any of several small yellowish or buff-colored moths whose larvae eat organic matter e.g. woolens

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