clothes hanger meaning in Hindi

clothes hanger sentence in Hindi
कपड़े टांगने का हैंगर
clothes:    पहनावा पोशाक
hanger:    हैंगर कांटा
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  1. A caped hanger is an inexpensive wire clothing hanger covered in paper.
  2. Instead, Johnson said, they were touched with a heated clothes hanger.
  3. This can include metal clothes hangers, wire fences, even dental work.
  4. The photographs are pinned to the wall and attached to wires with clothes hangers.
  5. Hook shoe hangers are more basic in their design and resemble small clothes hangers.
  6. Yourtime would be better spent clearing the clothes hangers from your treadmill or Stairmaster.
  7. Baxter recommends choosing tiered clothes hangers, which hold multiple pairs of slacks and skirts.
  8. _A & AMP; E Products, which makes clothes hangers.
  9. In its print and television ad campaigns, the Canon PowerShot dangles from a clothes hanger.
  10. With headquarters in Exeter, New Hampshire, Tyco makes everything from fire extinguishers to clothes hangers.
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  1. a hanger that is shaped like a person''s shoulders and used to hang garments on

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