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कपड़ों की अल्मारी

clothes:    पहनावा पोशाक
closet:    कमरा कोठरी शौचघर
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  1. He was hastily shoved into a clothes closet adjoining the meeting room.
  2. Then last week the light bulb in my clothes closet burned out.
  3. Open any clothes closet in this country and chances are you'll find denim.
  4. Both have closet Republican tendencies, and that especially applies to Brown's clothes closet.
  5. The chaplains also maintain a clothes closet for employes in need.
  6. Some people have turned their cars into clothes closets and cramped sleeping quarters.
  7. The church's clothes closet, furniture supply and food pantry offer assistance.
  8. My wife and I hold it in our clothes closet,
  9. There were modern bathrooms, proper clothes closets and new kitchens.
  10. An organist's room became a doctor's office, and part of a classroom a clothes closet.
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  1. a closet where clothes are stored

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