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  1. But health buffs still grow clitoria ternatea in their kitchen gardens; it is much sought-after by confectioners.
  2. Clitoria ternatea is the most widely planted of the species and is a medium twiner with oblong-ovate leaves.
  3. The most widely known species of the genus is " Clitoria ternatea ", also known as butterfly pea.
  4. Recently, the enzyme responsible for the backbone cyclization of cyclotides has been isolated from the medicinal plant " Clitoria ternatea ".
  5. The true-blue clitoria ternatea is interesting; not only is it a lovely ornamental flowering creeper, it is also a useful standby in any kitchen garden.
  6. The Ayurveda preparation shankapushpi is, according to most sources, identical with " Convolvulus pluricaulis ", but some say shankapushpi is " Clitoria ternatea ".
  7. Red Nagasari contains palm sugar, blue one has Clitoria ternatea for coloring, and green one uses " Pleomele angustifolia " ( syn . " pastel ".
  8. Blue plumbago, Thunbergias, Petrea volubilis, Browallia blues, Blue convolvulus, Tibouchina clitoria ternatea, Passiflora carulae blue, Angelonia, and Blue hibiscus are all waiting to be selected.
  9. The blue color of the rice comes from the petals of " Clitoria ternatea " ( butterfly-pea ) flowers " ( kembang telang ) " used in cooking it.
  10. Butterfly pea flower tea retains many of the medicinal properties of the " Clitoria ternatea " as well as extracting the deep blue color of the petals that has made the plant a popular dye for centuries.

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