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  1. This is similar to the cleft sentence construction.
  2. :: The OP's second and third examples are perfectly normal cleft sentences.
  3. :The first sentence appears to be a mistake : the writer apparently started to write a cleft sentence, and then forgot they had, so it lacks a main verb.
  4. For example, if we translate a cleft sentence such as " It was Juan who lost the keys ", we get " Fue Juan el que perdi?las llaves ."
  5. :: : Although I don't know of experimental examples off the top of my head, I am fairly certain English speakers find the cleft sentence ( b ) more difficult.
  6. The remaining portions of the cleft sentences in ( 1 ) and ( 2 ) are noun phrases that contain headless relative clauses . ( NB : Tagalog does not have an overt copula .)
  7. Stevick calls this intonation the  relative mood of the verb, since it is frequently used in relative clauses; however, it is also used in a range of other dependent clauses, such as conditional clauses, cleft sentences, and adverbial clauses of time, place, manner, and concession.
  8. Sentences with similar meaning can be produced using relative clauses ( these may be called pseudo-cleft sentences ), for example : " zu�tin sh?t m?i c�i de sh�jin " " yesterday is he buy food DE time ", i . e . " yesterday was the time he bought food ".
  9. Another way is through a cleft sentence where the main clause is demoted to be a complement clause of a copula sentence with a dummy subject such as " it " or " there ", e . g . " it was the girl that the bee stung ", " there was a girl who was stung by a bee ".
  10. You would have to include " it " in cleft sentences, and this might be termed "'focal " "'it " ( " It was Jimmy who sent the poor sod to Coventry / It was the poor sod Jimmy sent to Conventry / It was Coventry Jimmy sent the poor sod to . " ) Even so, I doubt whether the list would be quite exhaustive then . talk ) 00 : 12, 9 February 2008 ( UTC)

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