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  1. A two-year-old girl with a cleft lip sleeps in her mother's arms.
  2. One hundred cleft palate / cleft lip surgeries are currently being sponsored.
  3. Lyons then opened one of the largest cleft lip and palate clinics.
  4. He described a child with a V-shaped skull and a cleft lip.
  5. Hypodontia can also been seen in people with cleft lip and palate.
  6. Cleft lip and palate are present from birth, occurring either singly or together.
  7. Interplast does corrective surgery : cleft lips, cleft palates, burn cases.
  8. It will offer free surgeries to 600 children with cleft lip each year.
  9. Keach was born with a cleft lip, which was corrected surgically.
  10. First, the syndrome is associated with cleft palate, and, less often, cleft lip.


  1. a congenital cleft in the middle of the upper lip

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