cleave meaning in Hindi

cleave sentence in Hindi
• चीर देना
• चीरना
• छेदना
• तोड़ना
• फाड़ना
• भेदना
• मानना
• लगना
• लिपटना
• फाड़ना
• फोड़ना
• अलग करना
• विभाजित करना
• लगा रहना
• चिपके हुए रहना
• चीर देना
• काटना
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  1. Cleaves finished with 26 points, nine rebounds and five assists.
  2. No one was seriously hurt, but Cleaves wrenched his back.
  3. Cleaves'injury leaves Tomjanovich short-handed at point guard.
  4. Michael Hawkins is the starter, but Cleaves was the backup.
  5. Defensively is where the United States will miss Cleaves the most.
  6. Cleaves, on the other hand, endured another dismal performance.
  7. This season, Cleaves was hobbled by ankle and shoulder injuries.
  8. Now comes the challenge of Michigan State's Mateen Cleaves.
  9. The way to possibly throttle Michigan State is to negate Cleaves.
  10. When it was over, Cleaves said he felt pretty good.
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  1. come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation; "The dress clings to her body"; "The label stuck to the box"; "The sushi rice grains cohere"
    synonyms:, , ,
  2. separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument; "cleave the bone"
  3. make by cutting into; "The water is going to cleave a channel into the rock"

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