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  1. Rasnitsyn is one of the most consistent opponents of cladism.
  2. Since the 1960s, a trend called phylogenetic nomenclature ( or cladism ) has emerged, inspired by the cladistic method.
  3. In Britain during the 1970s and 1980s, arguments over the merits of cladism deeply embittered relations between scientists at the British Museum ( Natural History ).
  4. The history of pheneticism and cladism as rival taxonomic systems is analysed in David Hull's 1988 book " Science as a Process ".
  5. The school of  phylogenetic systematics or cladism founded by Hennig ( 1966 ) coined the term holophyly for a reference to monophyly " sensu"
  6. Some argued that cladism is too easily exploited by religious creationists as a way to explain the diversity of life without having to invoke evolutionary theory, which is opposed by the creationists.
  7. Cladism is widely accepted as a useful way to show relationships, but it is still challenged by some paleontologists on the grounds that by ignoring chronology it is sometimes subject to serious errors.
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