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  1. In 2011 Citer and Atesa has a fleet of 30, 000 vehicles.
  2. Since 1998 Citer was a National franchise holder and has 250 sites in France and a further 110 in Spain.
  3. Citer gathers, analyzes and retrieves large amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from targeting information sources.
  4. In 1356, Bishop Andreas Citer complained that his bishopric was full of Benedictine monastery of St . John in Drivast.
  5. Citer SA is a French-based car rental company established by Citro�n in 1968 was sold to Enterprise Holdings in 2011.
  6. Citer has owned the Spanish car rental company "'Atesa "'since 1989 and was also sold to Enterprise.
  7. It is shorter, factual and does not claim HWA was the first person to come up with those dictrines as the citer obviously suggests.
  8. The editor thinks that he has to find the original to disprove the citation, when in fact the citer never even claims to have read it himself.
  9. Maybe you already know this, but in many articles in the side bar instead of " cite this article " you see " citer cet article ".
  10. In 1356, Bishop Andreas Citer complained that his bishopric was full of Rascia ", who had completely destroyed the monastery situated 5000 paces from the cathedral.
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