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• उद्धरण विश्लेषण
citation:    हवाला अवतरण
analysis:    विश्लेषण
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  1. It is called citation analysis or, less grandly, footnote counting.
  2. Google's PageRank is based on the principle of citation analysis.
  3. Methods of citation analysis research include qualitative, quantitative and computational approaches.
  4. Henry Small are credited for introducing co-citation analysis in 1973.
  5. Howard White introduced author co-citation analysis in 1981.
  6. But over all, citation analysis works.
  7. Also, citation analysis is perfectly objective.
  8. This means that citation analysis draws on aspects of social network analysis and network science.
  9. Moreover, citation analysis indicates that articles using experimental methods have higher rates of citation.
  10. In 1981 Howard White and Belver Griffith introduced author co-citation analysis ( ACA ).
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