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परिपथ वियोजक
circuit:    घेरा चक्कर दौरा
breakers:    पीपा भंजक
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  1. But when the dishwasher was turned on, all the circuit breakers blew.
  2. Typical Italian homes are equipped with smaller circuit breakers than American homes.
  3. The blackout occurred after a new circuit breaker caught fire and exploded.
  4. The rally Tuesday can be cited as evidence that circuit breakers work.
  5. A high voltage electrical circuit breaker in a substation uses such technology.
  6. Parts of the loop are being converted into CBTC circuit breaker rooms.
  7. It fired circuit breakers and set the Karaganda power plant on fire.
  8. In comparison to fuses, circuit breakers are much easier to work with.
  9. Now, every time it comes on it keeps tripping the circuit breaker.
  10. This incorporates an RCD and a miniature circuit breaker in one device.
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