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  1. Cibus acquired the company assets and franchise agreements in an auction on Feb . 22, 2012.
  2. Cibus, Via Chianche di Scarano 7, 72013 Ceglie Messapica; ( 39-0831 ) 388980.
  3. Remnants of the idea of a corporeal presence can be found in " Animarum cibus ".
  4. In April 2016 Koelnmesse and Fiere di Parma founded a Joint-Venture to commonly organize Cibus Tec, the leading Italian foodtechnology fair.
  5. Born and raised in the Province of Brescia, Bontacchio made her debut with C . F . Cibus of Rodengo-Saiano in 1974.
  6. In that regard, the club's main sponsors became four Latin " cibus bonus ", which translates to " good food ".
  7. Newer scholarly work notes the many references to her musical and Office, " Animarum cibus ", which takes its title from the beginning of its first antiphon.
  8. The " Historia Augusta " records that by Hadrian's time sour wine was a standard part of the normal " camp fare " ( " cibus castrensis " ).
  9. Upon receiving approbation from local religious authorities, Juliana set to work with Canon John, who was still a young man, and together they composed the initial version of the office, " Animarum cibus ".
  10. Ostuni, like nearby Ceglie Messapico ( where we'll dine on big, hard-wheat orecchiette with a strong tomato sauce and grilled kid chops at the excellent Cibus ), traces its origins to the Messapic people, the earliest recorded inhabitants for the Salento peninsula.

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