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  1. Garden pools stocked with hungry fish or chlorinated pools are safe.
  2. This also goes for tap water that's heavily chlorinated.
  3. Non-chlorinated solvent waste can be burned for energy recovery.
  4. The pool is correctly pH-balanced and super-chlorinated.
  5. Then, chlorinated solvents in vapor degreasers became an industry standard.
  6. It is a chlorinated derivative of 9, 10-diphenylanthracene.
  7. Scientists also found that permanganate could be used on chlorinated solvents.
  8. It compares the risk involved to eating cookies or drinking chlorinated water.
  9. Researchers have known for about 15 years that bacteria alter chlorinated solvents.
  10. A study linking a byproduct of chlorinated water to cancer in rats.

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