children act meaning in Hindi

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• बाल अधिनियम
children:    औलाद बच्चे
act:    प्रदर्शन अधिनियम
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  1. Called the " English for the Children Act,"
  2. In 1975 the Education for All Handicapped Children Act was passed.
  3. Venables faced two charges under the Protection of Children Act 1978.
  4. The concept is children act as reporters, interviewing a pro athlete.
  5. Children act more reserved and somewhat detached around their parents.
  6. Adoption is regulated by the Adoption and Children Act 2002.
  7. This began when BT Group introduced Protection of Children Act.
  8. Children act out stories that contain different perspectives and ideas.
  9. Their statutory basis is the Children Act 1989 s4 ( 1 ).
  10. Other children act out in school and have nightmares, the parents say.
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