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  1. This is not maturity, this is pure childishness.
  2. It was seen to be " forced childishness ".
  3. Cobb stood for manliness and acted out childishness.
  4. Such childishness is every day preached to us in the defence of property ."
  5. Some people wonder about this " childishness ".
  6. Gauri starts to realize that her childishness has created distance between her and Shankar.
  7. Was Newby just missing the point thru childishness?
  8. I personally can take all sorts of name calling; it s just childishness.
  9. "Bob has this wonderful childishness to him, " said his fiancee.
  10. But they clearly realized they were part of an overall intended effect of exaggerated childishness.
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  1. a property characteristic of a child

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