chewing gum meaning in Hindi

chewing gum sentence in Hindi
• जुगल
• च्यूइंग गम
chewing:    चर्वण
gum:    मसूड़ा च्यूइंग गम
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  1. A campaign for the Winterfresh brand of chewing gum marketed by Wm.
  2. Tricky trinkets like explosive chewing gum decorate the brilliantly executed action sequences.
  3. Like having somebody whiz a piece of chewing gum past your ear.
  4. But the products in question are not chewing gum or financial services.
  5. Singapore has laws banning everything from chewing gum to unflushed public toilets.
  6. There are always things like sticks of chewing gum and breath mints.
  7. The very young stars make acting look as easy as chewing gum.
  8. The monsters had faces like used chewing gum and they oozed slime.
  9. I had never seen before these oranges and bananas and chewing gum.
  10. Chewing gum is banned and yet it is harmless to health.
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  1. a preparation (usually made of sweetened chicle) for chewing

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