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  1. Duncan chews on a partially smoked cheroot, all day long.
  2. He tries them on and discovers a faint smell of cheroot.
  3. A thin cheroot jutted from one side of his mouth.
  4. Wriggling slimy tobacco grubs nest moistly unseen in your cheroots.
  5. Justin Shilhanek, 12, Lee's Summit, Mo . _ cheroot
  6. Old women sit quietly aside, smoking Myanmar-style cigars called cheroots.
  7. The only person in the vicinity who smoked cheroot is Tinkori-babu.
  8. Apparently, cheroot smoking was also associated with resistance against tropical disease in India.
  9. And guess who played the laconic, serape-draped, cheroot-chewing hero?
  10. Jim Duncan is setting the one-day cheroot-chewing record for Okeechobee County.
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