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  1. What they are getting instead is Hindu chauvinism and potvaliant defiance.
  2. The attitude has nothing to do with xenophobia or American chauvinism.
  3. Bensel-Meyers said, in what seemed like sheer chauvinism.
  4. It became clear that Chauvinism was more than a little bigoted.
  5. Chauvinism's account of its etymology surprised me a little.
  6. When necessary, he could oppose them without fear of chauvinism.
  7. This makes men value themselves over women and causes male chauvinism.
  8. Why is unclear; art fashions change and old chauvinism dies hard.
  9. The great fault of the book is its British chauvinism.
  10. "There's a lot of chauvinism in the industry.
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