chase away meaning in Hindi

chase away sentence in Hindi
• खदेड़ना
• भगाना
• पीछा करना
chase:    आखेट पीछा पीछा
away:    विरोधी के यहाँ अलग
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  1. Walk around your house 13 times to chase away evil spirits.
  2. In the past, underground testing chased away all other customers,
  3. The police arrested two of them and chased away the rest.
  4. At the end, I was chased away from the conservatory.
  5. He then ordered riot police to chase away those waiting outside.
  6. He is chased away from one house with rocks and guns.
  7. The guards of Vanasthali Vidyasharm were chased away one after another.
  8. Many Limbus were either executed or chased away from their motherland.
  9. The intent, James said, was to chase away evil spirits.
  10. Sunday, however, the fun was being chased away by exhaustion.
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