chart datum meaning in Hindi

chart datum sentence in Hindi

चार्ट आधार
chart:    चित्र चित्र-पट
datum:    आधार आधार-सामग्री
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  1. Dock number three is long, wide and a depth below chart datum of.
  2. The chart datum varies according to the standard used by each national Hydrographic Office.
  3. Dock number four is long, wide and has a depth below chart datum of.
  4. Depths are measured from the chart datum, which is related to the local sea level.
  5. BREMERHAVEN Container Terminal's navigation channel will soon have a water depth of 14m below chart datum.
  6. These predictions are given in feet or meters, with respect to the chart datum for average meteorological conditions.
  7. The main navigation channel is dredged to below chart datum, and a depth of up to alongside the quay.
  8. Storm surge was significant in Hong Kong and the water level was 17'9 " above chart datum in some places.
  9. There are two berthing facilities 70 and 80 meters long respectively, with existing water depth of 6 meters below chart datum.
  10. The main navigation channel is dredged to 14.5 metres below chart datum, with a maximum depth of 15 metres alongside the quay.
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